Jeep Renegade SUV Wears the Trail Rated Badge

What exactly does the Trail Rated badge mean? That's the question you should ask when shopping for the Jeep Renegade. This compact Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) has some of the best off-road capabilities in its class.

For generations, Jeep has used the Trail Rated system to recognize models that perform well in tough conditions. The Renegade is equipped with advanced mechanical features that enhance your off-road experience.

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Explore the New Ram 1500 Here in Fremont, MI

There's plenty to love about the new Ram 1500 trucks here at our Fremont, MI dealership near Grand Rapids. You can find a bare bones edition that is ready to just get to work, or you can go all out and build a luxurious pickup that has the latest features to go along with its strong towing and hauling capabilities. Discover the variety of setups and options you can add to the recently arrived new 2019 Ram 1500 truck of your choice, and visit us on West Dayton today for a closer look and a ...


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It's Time for Your Spring Service Appointment

Believe it or not, it's springtime. That means that warmer temperatures and longer days are coming, along with family vacations and loads of outdoor adventures. But, after a long Michigan winter, how can you be sure that your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge or Ram vehicle is up for the fun? Easy. Trust it to the expert technicians in our Service Center.

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Is It Time to Change My Brake Fluid?

Changing your brake fluid at regular intervals is just as important as replacing worn brake pads that are starting to squeal. Even though your brake fluid is in a closed system, slow leaks and other minor issues can result in slow braking and “pulling” when you suddenly apply the brakes.

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When Your Alternator is Going Out: Signs to Look For

When your alternator is dying, it's time to bring your car in for a repair. When your alternator goes completely, you will lose all power in your vehicle and could be left stranded on the side of the road.

The alternator recharges your car battery, giving you a full battery when you are driving your car. If the alternator is working poorly, you may see a number of problems. 

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Proper Tire Care

Tires are essential for giving your car good traction and getting you safely to your destination. By following two tire care tips, you can extend the life of your tires and keep your car running smoothly.

Tire pressure should be regularly checked with a tire gauge. The pressure should be kept at the manufacturer’s recommended level. Improperly inflated tires can create unnecessary tire wear and affect your gas mileage. 

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Battery Repair

Owning a vehicle is a major commitment and there is a lot of routine maintenance and repairs that go into your investment. We here at Deur-Speet Motors Chrysler Jeep Dodge & RAM know how costly all of this can get for you and how much stress this can bring to your life so we want to make things as simple for you as we can.

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Frequency of Tire Rotation

Almost all car owners have ever heard about tire rotation. This involves changing their positions to facilitate uniformity in tread wearing. Most people do not know when and after how long tires should be rotated. Well, this depends on the tire used, type of road that you are traveling on and the manufacturer of your vehicle.

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Dashboard Warning Lights: Their Meaning and What to Do

Every modern car comes with numerous lights on the dashboard. Although they are all important, we have warning and informative ones that are more critical. They require instant attention since they display the condition of your car. Some of the dashboard warning lights that can come on include:

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Keep Your Car Clean This Holiday Season: Traveling With Holiday Treats

Are you ready for the holiday season? You're probably looking forward to visiting family and celebrating with friends over some casseroles, cookies, and hot chocolate. It is a huge disappointment to find those delicious foods spilled on the seat of your car. We have some tips for safely delivering your pot luck favorites to holiday gatherings, without making a mess in your car.

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