Carry Cargo Efficiently Around Fremont, MI in the Ram 2500

If you're in the market for a pickup truck, chances are good that you have cargo on your mind. For drivers who need to haul everything from tools to supplies, we're delighted to suggest the Ram 2500. With its cargo-friendly design, this popular heavy-duty pickup truck can help you get the job done faster — and better.

Have you ever had to dig through the bed of your truck in the dark? The Ram 2500 has a solution: available bed lighting. With compact lights placed along the interior of the bed, this truck makes it easy to find the item you need on the first try.

When you need to get supplies in and out of the back of your truck multiple times in a day, time matters. With the Ram 2500, you can opt for the available power-release tailgate. Simply push a button on your key fob as you step out of the truck, and the tailgate will be open and waiting for you. Try it out on a test drive at Deur-Speet Motors.

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