Dodge Durango: SUV With Racing-Style Capabilities

The Dodge Durango is a sport utility vehicle that runs on robust mechanical systems. From a dynamic all-wheel drive to a system with custom driving modes, this family car is available with high-performance features. The SRT, SXT Plus and GT Plus are some models that you can test drive at Deur-Speet Motors in Fremont, MI.

The Uconnect display in the Dodge Durango generates real-time updates on mechanical performance. You'll see the oil and coolant temperatures on the touch screen. Some other indicators that appear on the monitor include the oil pressure and battery voltage. Additionally, G-forces and drivetrain settings are accessible in the Uconnect system.

This premium Dodge SUV is available with the SRT Mode that delivers racing-inspired performance. When this custom setting is engaged, the automatic transmission system changes gears with virtually no lag. You have access to eight gear ratios in the transmission that's enhanced by the Sport Mode. An optional heater is available for the high-performance transmission.

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