The Ram 3500 is More than Capable

When needing a pickup that handles tough jobs, owners choose the heavy-duty Ram 3500. The truck is durable and reliable. But, the recently introduced 2019 models are more capable than before. Experience the upgraded difference by testing a Ram 3500 on the road. Visit our local Fremont, MI Deur-Speet Motors.

The sturdy frame and truck bed lets owners carry serious loads. The Ram 3500 has a payload rating of 7,350 pounds. The pickup owes its capability to the wider frame and larger stabilizer bar plus the three-link suspension. The suspension springs are paired with heavier shock absorbers to handle tough jobs while providing a more comfortable ride.

Add the tow package and haul up to 30,000 pounds. Tow a fifth-wheel or a gooseneck trailer on your next vacation. The haul/tow mode on the truck's interior enables the truck to meet your demands by selecting the level of capability you need.

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