Winter Adventures in the Jeep Compass

We here at Deur-Speet Motors know how important cool weather features are for drivers in Fremont, MI. That's why we're so excited to show you around the available options on the new Jeep Compass. You can get this popular compact SUV with a de-icer and heated side mirrors.

The windshield wiper de-icer is a great way to get rid of ice and snow. Heating elements are installed in the area where the wipers rest. When the system is turned on, the elements will heat up and get rid of any sitting ice. They keep the wiper blades warm and pliable as well. As a result, they do a much better job at getting rid of ice and improving visibility.

No one wants to deal with a foggy side mirror. The optional heated mirrors take care of the issue in a matter of minutes. Heating elements behind the mirror will get rid of ice or fog with a simple press of a button.

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