Keep Your Car Clean This Holiday Season: Traveling With Holiday Treats

Are you ready for the holiday season? You're probably looking forward to visiting family and celebrating with friends over some casseroles, cookies, and hot chocolate. It is a huge disappointment to find those delicious foods spilled on the seat of your car. We have some tips for safely delivering your pot luck favorites to holiday gatherings, without making a mess in your car.

  • Pack your dish snugly in a cardboard box with some towels. This keeps it secure and warm!
  • Have a passenger hang onto the dish. If you are traveling alone, buckle it up with a seat belt instead.
  • Make sure your containers have tight lids to prevent spills.

We at Deur-Speet Chrysler Jeep Dodge & RAM hope these tips help you to enjoy your holiday celebrations. If you need a new vehicle for your holiday travel, stop in and see us in Fremont. Happy holidays!

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