Dashboard Warning Lights: Their Meaning and What to Do

Every modern car comes with numerous lights on the dashboard. Although they are all important, we have warning and informative ones that are more critical. They require instant attention since they display the condition of your car. Some of the dashboard warning lights that can come on include:

  • Fog Lamp: If your car came with fog lights or you made changes and had them fixed, the fog lamp dashboard light will always go on when you illuminate them.
  • Lamp Out: Your vehicle does not want you to halt your journey at night when you surprisingly realize that there is a faulty exterior light. This light indicates that you need to find and repair the exterior light that has malfunctioned.
  • Washer Fluid Reminder: Since you do not have to keep performing physical checks on the level of your car’s washer fluid, this dashboard light goes on whenever you are supposed to make a refill.

If you are unable to make the warning light go off, visit us at Deur-Speet Motors in Fremont to avert any damages that could happen.

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